West Hills Middle School

Calendar 2020-2021

West Hills Middle School

School Hours: 8:15 am-3:05 pm

School Website
Address: 2601 Lone Pine Road West Bloomfield, MI 48323
Main Office Phone: 248-341-6100
Attendance Phone Number: 248-341-6110
Principal Contact: Rob Durecka, Principal 248-341-6105 RDurecka@bloomfield.org
Superintendent Contact: Patrick Watson, pwatson@bloomfield.org
Social Worker/Counselor Contact: Tony Castellani, Guidance Counselor (4th (Bialk and Gale), 5th & 7th) 248-341-6104 ACastellani@bloomfield.org Carla Westerby, Guidance Counselor (4th (Castellani and Gordon), 6th & 8th) 248-341-6103 CWesterby@bloomfield.org

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