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Our School Calendar

Information is the most important resource a school can give their families and we do this with ease. Every school deserves to have our free resources, but aren’t able to design, print and afford the digital resource development that we provide to them. With FUN2RAISE & Our School Calendar, all of the internal pressure is alleviated. We do the work and give you our resources absolutely FREE!

FUN2RAISE & Our School Calendar work directly with educational institutions to create custom and official publications both in print and digital as a communication tool on behalf of your organization.

Our customized printed and or digital district/school calendars and directories afford our schools the luxury of being able to provide high-quality informational tools used throughout the school year without any cost and in fact, many times there is a financial gift in addition after product delivery.  Our digital to print platforms engage school families providing them with informational channels within their school and community.

FUN2RAISE & Our School Calendar alongside community businesses and sponsors provide a vehicle to grow in these school communities. We afford these schools resources that connect the school community to the local businesses that serve them.

If you haven’t met us…what are you waiting for?

Free School Directories!


Just like calendars, directories are an incredibly helpful resource for parents and students to connect. Directories make it easy to keep everyone in the school in contact with each other. Fostering a healthy school community is extremely important, and our printed directories offer a safe and secure way to enable a school community to stay in touch.

Managing personal data can be quite tricky, and a physical directory helps keep that task safe and straightforward.

Find Your School

We are thrilled to be able to provide a platform for all of our schools to house their calendars. Of course, we will always send you a link to your school directly, but if you can’t find it…it will be right here.  Schools are sorted alphabetically so grab yours and click.  We hope this makes life just that much easier for you and your school community.

The sponsors on each month are proud to support your school, so click on them to see what they are offering each month, we are sure that you will like what you see!

Have another happy school year!

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What do we need to know

Free Printable Digital School calendars

School calendars are one of the most effective tools for connecting families. Our digital to print calendars can build a school community and keep families informed and involved. Everyone agrees that calendars are more useful and carry more weight and integrity in any school environment. They give a school a sense of professionalism, and parents need a direct link to all things in your school. 

Calendars Include

  • A custom cover template with your school’s name and information
  • School-wide communication for events and important dates (provided by each school) with direct links to virtual events, fundraisers, volunteer sign-up and more
  • At your fingertips reference for days off
  • Field Trips, Late Starts, Digital Days, Sporting Events, Conferences, PTO/PTA Meetings, Health Screening Days, Picture Days and More- virtual event capabilities for the hybrid learning years
  • List of all important numbers and contacts in your organization with direct links to the contacts
  • Clickable community-wide sponsors, events, and offers for family engagement
  • A school financial gift from Fun2Raise

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